Here’s Why We Love Brunch

Brunch is everywhere. People make their weekend plans around when their favorite brunch spot is open or what new restaurant just revamped their brunch menu. Maybe you had a late night or you’re just really craving a new take on Eggs Benedict, but either way, brunch sounds like the right answer for your Saturday and Sunday plans. Some folks may be staunch opponents of brunch because of its weird time frame or your belief that breakfast and lunch don’t mix. Even if you’re on the fence, the team here at Metro thinks we can sway you with some of our favorite reasons for brunch. If you’re looking for the place to be in Richmond, come to Metro Bar and Grill for all of your brunch needs and find your new favorite neighborhood restaurant.

You Don’t Have to Get Up (too) Early

Weekends aren’t necessarily meant for waking up early. We know that some of you weekend warriors love being up before the sun and getting ahead of the day. Some of us, though, much prefer to give the sun a head start and try our best to catch up. If you’re a late riser, you may think that the weird time from about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (or 11 a.m. on Sundays) is a less than ideal time for a meal. When is too early to be lunch, but too late to be breakfast? Is an afternoon meal running the risk of ruining dinner? These questions are all remedied by brunch. As the perfect time of day for a large meal, brunch is the liaison for the eternal struggle of deciding between breakfast or lunch. You also have the luxury of rolling out of bed and taking bites of your biscuits and gravy in sweatpants or getting dressed to the nines and sipping on a champagne julep while wearing your Sunday best. You’re not beholden to alarm clocks with brunch at the Metro, so come in whenever you wake up!

A Midday Drink Never Hurt Anyonecocktail

Let’s be honest, sometimes nothing tastes better than a refreshing mimosa. Breakfast is too early for champagne, and lunch feels like you might be more inclined for a beer. When, then, do you indulge in a wonderful concoction consisting of champagne and other added liquids that come together to make a delightful drink? The answer is, of course, brunch. When enjoying a wonderful mid-morning or early afternoon meal at Metro, you are not only greeted by a brunch menu filled to the brim with new American cuisine, but you are also encouraged to imbibe in our lengthy list of champagne brunch cocktails. You can’t expect to get the most out of your meal with just any drink, so take a look and indulge in a tasty alcoholic beverage without any guilt.

What Else are You Going to do with Relatives?

Most of us can probably agree that vacations, family visits, and other special occasions revolve around food in some capacity. Thanksgiving and Christmas come to mind, as some families will spend days and maybe even weeks planning the meal for their loved ones. But what happens when your family is in town to see your new house, they have a flight Sunday evening, and you need to come up with something to do for a few hours? Brunch is always the answer. Taking your family to brunch at Metro Bar and Grill gives you the ability to sit back and relax, enjoy some delicious cocktails, enjoy a new take on American cuisine, and have a conversation with your family without worrying about the dishes. Our brunch menu has something for everyone, so even your picky niece and nephew can find something they enjoy.

Here at Metro Bar and Grill, we are dedicated to being your choice for new American cuisine in Richmond. If you find yourself in the Fan District on a weekend morning and you’re craving a delicious plate of food, refreshing champagne cocktails, and a family atmosphere, look no further. Metro Bar and Grill is your stop for brunch on the weekends, so don’t be shy. Whether you’re rolling out of bed or coming straight from church, there’s a table for everyone. Give us a call for more information today!