Well Liquors and Drinks

If you’re new to the world of alcoholic beverages, the thought of deciding on a drink can be daunting. Knowing what liquors you like (or can stomach) is difficult enough, but then knowing what kind of drink you like and what goes into it is another challenge entirely. Different colored labels, bottles covered in names that can’t be pronounced, and countless shapes of glasses just scratch the surface of the alcohol world. One of the most basic concepts that can help you make educated decisions with your drinks is that of well liquor. You may be entirely unfamiliar with this idea, or you might turn your nose up at the mention of such a thing. Today, our team here at Metro Bar & Grill wants to give you a quick overview of what wells are and how you should use them when ordering or making your drinks.

What is Well Liquor?dreamstime_xl_47415347

If you’ve heard the uninitiated talk about well liquor, you may have noticed there is a negative stigma surrounding them. Often, well liquor is considered the runt of the litter, the lesser of the alcohol options that are cheaper and don’t taste as good. While that might be true in some cases, that’s not the idea you should have when asking for whatever is in the well.

Well liquors are, first and foremost, the liquors in the rail or well behind a bar. This is the area most easily accessible to the bartenders, which means they are the workhorses of the bar that see the most orders and usage throughout a night. They are readily available, as they are the assumption when folks order general drinks such as a gin and tonic or a rum and coke. While they are not the worst liquors, they do tend to be less expensive. They tend to be used more, thus spending more money on wells would be more expensive for the bar or restaurant serving them.


What is Well Liquor Used for?

Sometimes, you find yourself not really sure if you like a certain type of alcohol. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try something but never had the guts to order it at the bar or restaurant for fear of getting it and spending the money on something you don’t like. It’s possible you’re just not a fan of straight liquor and prefer mixed drinks. This is where wells are your friend. They are the most cost-effective option when you go out, meaning you can try a new drink or have a couple for the same price you would pay for a premium (higher shelf) drink.

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